Our Journey Toward Building a Home for the Elderly

Building Timber Rock House to give elderly folks a loving home was a challenging project that took years to accomplish. After living in England for 19 years, owners Debbie and Andy Corkin moved back to Texas in 2008 and took up residence in Midlothian.

Why Timber Rock House Was Established

The inspiration for Timber Rock House came from Debbie’s sincere desire to give her mother the best possible care after she had a fall in her own home in Brownwood, and the doctors said she couldn’t live by herself anymore. Debbie soon realized that the transition from her own home to a huge facility would be a challenge for her dear sweet Mama.

New Residents

Debbie’s Mama became an early resident of Timber Rock House and years later, the budding owners’ calling to provide elderly folks with a home away from home continues to bear fruit. Now, Debbie and Andy remain excited to provide a beautiful home and professional care for seniors. The tender loving care and attention given to each resident means they no longer have to feel lonely and isolated and all of their physical needs are met with professionalism and respect while maintaining dignity.